Steroid Cycles

Anabolic Steroid Cycles

Steroids have been shown to be most effective when they are used in a cycle form. Not only are they most effective but they are safer taken in a cycle. The specific duration in which athletes are on steroids is referred to as a “cycle”.

If you are using numerous forms of anabolic steroids, you are “stacking” them. A “steroid cycle” has been named for the specific time in which an athlete is taking these steroids.

Not only are other drugs used on top of these anabolic steroids, but other steroids are “stacked” on top of other steroids to get maximum benefits. Whenever an athlete “stacks” they are having a positive reaction in their muscles, rather than using a single form.

Each type of steroid comes with all its own side effects, so you may feel all the side effects from numerous steroids if you are stacking them. Some cycles can incorporate different kind of steroids that are used at different times during the life cycle.

Many people have used stacking methods for maximum muscle growth and over a long period of time it has shown the most success.
WARNING: Mixing anabolic steroids can sometime elicit harmful side effects. Some non-anabolic drugs are taken to lessen some of these side effects that are let on by “stacking”.

12 weeks is the maximum length of a “cycle” run. There there is another run with NO steroids for about 10-12 weeks after the “stacking” process. Taking breaks in between cycles is imperative for overall athletic health. The best cycles are only done about 2 times a year to reduce any unwanted risks involved with numerous steroid intake. Taking a cycle break greatly reduces stress and brings the body back to its regular equilibrium.

The best way to get the most out of your steroids is to cycle them. Just like some people become immune to certain medications because they take too much of them on regular basis, the same can happen with overuse of anabolic steroids. Receptor sites are the areas that will become immune to the steroids. Cycles prevent this from happening. 2 month cycles or less is an effective time frame. Sometimes receptors will start failing in steroid recognition at a 3 week time frame. Nitrogen will not be present without higher doses of the steroid. When the body gets too much anabolic steroids it will not react to them